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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2007|11:23 pm]

(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2007|03:42 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

IT'S COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT AN OLD "FRIEND" OF MINE, KATE, has made a new LJ entry. I don't even want to go into detail about what happened between her and my best friend, Lena, but it wasn't good and I've ranted over and over about how I want to fucking strangle the bitch. Since the fucking dumbass coward disabled her comments, here's my reply. The things in quotations and italics are from her entry, obviously.

"I'm not sure when anybody is going to read this, or if they will for that matter. I haven't been on this LJ in a long time and I intend on never returning to it after this update unless I decide to delete this entry later on. Well today i decided to sign into this, for no apparent reason really. Then I was looking at friends and came across Lena and Lizzie's journal. Lizzie's journal is all fine and dandy, everything seems alright with her as normal. But then I came to Lena's livejournal. I came across something disturbing though. Finding some of her entries about how she used to "love me", it kind of creeped me out."

This just fucking baffles me. Like, are you fucking serious? Are you that fucking simple-minded and self-important that you assume when a gay person says they love you, THEY MEAN IT IN THAT KIND OF WAY? YOU WERE BEST FRIENDS, YOU FUCKING MORON. I TELL MY BEST FRIENDS THAT I LOVE THEM, TOO. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF. YOU'RE NOT THAT FUCKING WONDERFUL.

"And then you jump back to Lena and Lizzie asking me why I wanted to end this friendship and never look back, GEE IDK HMM. Okay uh, let me get one thing across here-- one: i am 100% straight, no doubt about it. I've never admitted this before but all those times that I said I was tolerable of gays, well, guess what ? I kind of lied. Don't get me wrong, I still believe that gay people deserve their rights & all that jazz but in all honesty in my personal opinion, I think it's wrong.. not only religiously, but in human nature, it's just not natural. Call me old fashioned, whatever. But I personally believe in only one type of love, which is of course straight love-- nature, religion, mine, and society's norm."

So you're basically just admitting that you're a piece of shit ignorant homophobe, amirite? Fuck, I must've forgotten about how much I HATE YOU. SEE, I CAN SAY HATE BECAUSE IT'S NOT AGAINST MY RELIGION. Yeah, it's soo not natural. Because homosexuality is a choice, right? And people who get harassed, beaten, and made fun of every fucking day of their lives CHOOSE that, right? They WANT to be hated. They absolutely fucking love it. Really, now. You fucking idiot.

"Since i've stopped talking to you, Lizzie and Lena, I must say, I seem have grown as a person, become more independent off the internet, and overall became a different person in a better way for myself. I've got the best boyfriend I could ever ask for, a job, and soon I will have my own car, things have finally been being pieced together."

You've grown as a person? The last time I talked to you, Kate, you couldn't even fucking type a sentence. Now all of a sudden you know correct grammar, capitalization, and spelling? You're the fakest piece of fucking shit I've ever came across in my life. And, things have finally been pieced together, huh.. sounds to me like you just did a little something called GROWING UP. Whether you still fucking talked to Lena or not, YOU WERE GONNA HAVE A JOB, A BOYFRIEND, AND A CAR ANYWAY. I hope you get fired, total your car, and lose your boyfriend. Bitch. :)

"But lets get down to the point here-- you want to know why I left you guys? Not to come down so harsh sounding, but Lena scared me off, even if she did love me in just a "platonic" sense, that's pretty weird. I hate to come off so rude but she really did scare me off. I was online on aim one night and I saw her profile just before I signed off that said something like "KATE LOVES ME AND DOESN'T SAY IT"-- but in ALL honesty that truly did scare me & i had no IDEA she thought this way at all. It was not even a thought in my mind."

Oh right, I forgot. Best friends don't love eachother, lawl. YOU WIN, KATE!

"I mean no offense but I would never love someone of the same sex, I just wasn't born that way. I was born liking guys, that's just how it is, and i'm proud. I'm sorry that Lena wasn't born confused though and that she feels trapped in a girl's body and i'm sorry that Lena hoped that I was the same way as her, but i am not at, not at all. I only saw her as my friend, so the whole "love" thing really creeped me out and caught me by total suprise."

So, above you were talking about how homosexaulity isn't natural and everything, which of course means that you think it's a CHOICE, and now you're saying that you were born straight? um, hypocrite. If you were born straight, a homosexual was born homosexual. They can't fucking help it and they don't need morons like you telling them that they're "wrong" because of it. I THINK IT'S WRONG THAT YOU'RE STRAIGHT.

"But it wasn't all just those things. It was also the obsessions and interests she had. How could we be friends when she liked POTC, Futurama, Horror Movies-- none of those fit me. At all. In fact, I'm the exact opposite of the little circle of friends me, Lizzie, Lena, and Marissa were all in. I didn't fit in. And I confess, I tried to fit in. But I realized how much I was lying to myself to make all of these people accept me."

Okay, I like POTC. But I think Futurama is fucking shit and horror movies terrify me. BUT OMG LOL GUESS WHAT? I'M STILL BEST FRIENDS WITH LENA. AND GUESS WHAT, KATE? My boyfriend hates the music I listen to. He also thinks I have the worst interests in the world. AND MY BEST FRIENDS? Yeah, we're all fucking different. Just because you're not interested in the same shit she is doesn't mean you can't be friends with her. Grow the fuck up.

"Lizzie loved Harry Potter.. I really tried and tried to watch the movies and even attempted reading the book, but it was no use. Then Lizzie liked Jump 5.. and i'll tell you the truth Lizzie, I never liked their music. I just wanted to have something in common with you, so I pretended to like them, thats all. As for Lena, I was always trying to fit in with her opposite sense of humor. She would say the strangest stuff, but i'd act like I laughed, even when I didn't. We had none of the same anything in common. I tried to fit in to please people. I've come to realize though that I am not that person. I didn't know who I was before, I was trying to be the person that my friends already were. But I soon figured out that I was Katie-- not this Kate person. And whether you agree or not, I learned that friends are not about trying to change who you are and copeing with their personal likes and obsessions, but rather finding friends who are just like you in their own unique ways with at least a similar perspective on life, ways, religion, etc."

Are you trying to blame Lena for you being a fake-ass bitch? Seriously. It's YOUR fault you pretended to laugh at her jokes. It's YOUR fault for pretending to share interests. Do you think she'd really give a fuck if you didn't like PotC or Futurama? Um, she wouldn't. She'd still be your friend. Because she's what I like to call a NICE HUMAN BEING. You are dirt. DIRT. NOT EVEN A JAR OF DIRT, BUT JUST PLAIN OL' DIRT.

"So i'm sorry for any pain or trouble or anger any of you may have had because of me, but i'll let you know-- I have found myself, Katie, and Kate was no one but the people who she surrounded herself with. It might have been an overwhelming change, but it was the change for the better of myself."

Aww, how cute. I love how you think being fake and obsessing over Nicole Richie is for the better. Really, have a WONDERFUL life. I think it'd be best for all of us if you stayed the fuck out of Lena's life, because UM YEAH, as you know, I'm a nosey bitch and I'm not gonna fucking sit here and listen to this load of shit. HAVE A NICE LIFE, KATE. I HOPE YOU READ THIS.
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2007|10:57 pm]
Two months from today will be Matt and I's 2 year anniversary. :)
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2007|09:16 am]
My birthday's on Saturday.
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(no subject) [May. 6th, 2007|01:25 am]
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]

i love how i'm so fucking pissed off, yet i have barney's "i love you, you love me" stuck in my head. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD, BARNEY.
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